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canstockphoto14244808We have been lied to – pure and simple. How you may ask? Well, firstly we were told butter is bad for us so let’s switch to margarine (which is grey before being coloured to look like butter). Butter is one of the most nutritious and satisfying foods you can eat. It tastes amazing, it feels amazing (warm crusty home-made bread rolls with a wedge of fresh butter) and it will do you the world of good. Why? Because it’s natural and your body has been made to process and digest natural food.

Then we were told that low fat meant weight loss and this is perhaps the cruelest of all as the truth is that full cream dairy (raw milk) actually contains fat burning enzymes so if you are struggling to lose weight, then start enjoying organic full cream products and see what happens. The reason I suggest this is firstly you will enjoy good food again (creamy, delicious full cream milk – yum) and secondly your body will benefit from the fat burning enzymes contained in unprocessed milk. Pasteurising milk destroys so much, go on a research tour and see what you can find. My research has shown that organic raw milk is by far the best possible food we can consume.

What if I am lactose intolerant?

If you are suffering from allergies through consumption of dairy products – test yourself. It’s very simple, just purchase some organic dairy product and test what happens when you consume it.

The high level of allergies experienced by consumers can be directly dated back to the period when food technology and the desire to increase the uses of foods was implemented. I can recall not one person in my circle of friends, family, school mates who suffered from any type of allergy – whether it was dairy, wheat (check out what is sprayed on that and then what processes the natural wheat goes through to be stripped of its goodness and natural fibre to end up as a snowy white plastic loaf that takes days to mould) or any type of nuts.

So, what about the fibre in fruit skins which you and I were encouraged to eat? Well, they will give us cellulite and also, if they are not organically grown without pesticides, they will also deliver harmful poisons into our system. Another fad that has possibly caused illness in umpteen people who are still going through the medical merry-go-round to try figure out what is wrong with them. I just hope if you are in that situation right now you take a leaf out of my book and replace your regular diet with organic food. The difference is amazing and possibly life-saving.

Basically, our food has been toyed with and I’m not saying it was a deliberate attempt to promote ill health (medical industry is thriving) but too much emphasis has been placed on stretching the food value to get the absolute last use out of it.  The trouble with that is that as food is modified it loses its natural properties and changes the way we digest and process it. So, because foodstuffs can be altered to extend their shelf life, the state of that food is no longer nutritionally valuable as it was before the processing took place or in its raw state.

There is an old publication titled ‘Food for Nought – The Decline in Nutrition’ by Ross Hume Hall and if you can get a copy, read it cover to cover.  It contains extremely useful information outlining just what has been done to process the goodness out of raw food to produce commercial and processed foods.

The truth is if you stick with organically certified natural products, that stubborn fat will have no other option but to melt away.  That’s how our food was created to be consumed, not the awful concoctions we see in the dairy shelves of commercial supermarkets.

Now, here’s a shocker – Skim milk will make you fat!  The majority of low fat products are in fact high in sugar which when processed in our bodies becomes fat anyway.  To further discover healthy alternatives in your diet click here. The information this product contains is awesome.

How’s that for back to basics?  How come? Because the integrity of the fat burning enzymes has been destroyed through processing. By my own example, I have no problems maintaining my weight, and in fact lost weight when converting to organic raw milk without any effort at all. I eat more now than I ever have and my weight stays steady. It is a wonderful way to live!


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