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Benefits of Organic Food

Organic food equals good health.

So, what are the benefits of organic food you ask?  Where do I start? I could touch on the fact that organic food tastes amazing. I could say that the sensation of eating organic food is unsurpassed and one bite of real food will transport me back in time to a place where food was real food and came in one complete package of goodness and great taste.  What I will say is that there are many benefits of organic food and I will share my thoughts with you in this post.

One of the most important benefits of organic food is the lack of processing and not adding man-made ingredients to the detriment of the consumer.  So, why on earth do we keep trotting out the processed foods that, although being convenient, are sure to eventually land us in hot water health-wise – and I mean literally hot water as we stand in a shower trying to get rid of flu aches and pains and think that the ailment is just a natural seasonal occurrence. Where is it written that every year we have to suffer ill health due to seasonal weather? What if you could get your health to such a level that you were not worried about what time of year it is or who just sneezed near you? Is it that simple that all we have to do is change to organic foods (at least around 80% of our complete diet) to ensure we are not held captive to health issues on a regular basis?  Please tell me you are not contemplating the flu shot this season and if you are, please research exactly what it is you are about to have injected into your body, to then affect God knows what.  It is everyone’s right to decide what they will and will not do but I sincerely hope that if you have regularly been injected with flu shots you will take the time and effort to research not only the ingredients of these flu shots but also the possible side effects of man-made vaccinations.

Yes, it is that simple. Organic food heals and the benefits of organic food are huge:

What are organic foods?

Organic foods are produce that have been grown naturally without any synthetic petrochemicals or man-made pesticides and fertilisers. Some growers may use pesticides such as pyrethrum or companion planting or other natural fertilisers (eg manure) but to qualify as an organic food grower there are strict regulations in place to ensure any product labeled organic must conform to Government regulations, that means no man-made additives such as antibiotics in the case of livestock, no genetically modified organisms and definitely no hormones or nanomaterials.

If you look at that list of no-nos, it is enough to make anyone stop and think about the food that they are putting into their bodies.  I am so glad that I did just that and with some effort and breaking of habits I have managed to not only convert myself to organic food but also my family and some friends.    My way of thinking is that if I can change 80% of my diet to organic then I still have some wiggle room for products that may not necessarily be organic but are as wholesome as I can get them – eg I buy my butter from New Zealand and although that is not a certified organic brand I know that all cattle in New Zealand are grass fed so I don’t have to worry about the grain fed livestock dilemna.  To purchase local organic butter is three times the price so I have learnt to shop around and prefer the taste of Kiwi butter anyway!

I am still looking for the best value in organic meat as there is some selection available from the supermarkets but it is rather expensive so I have opted to stay with the supermarket products at this stage and also a local butcher who grow their own livestock and it is grass fed.  Having researched what is available in the organic meat range I am not convinced at this stage to spend huge amounts on meat and have even cut back quite a bit in our consumption, adding more fresh fruits and veges to our diet instead.

Organic Food Delivery

One of the easiest ways to convert to organic food is to buy organic food online and I have discovered a wonderful store in Toowoomba, not far from where I live.  I love the straightforward, no nonsense approach of Murray from Mr Organics in Toowoomba.  I get an email weekly advising me of what new produce is available and I can then choose to add that product to my standling grocery list, actually mostly fruit and veges with some dairy and grocery items.  One of the great things about getting food delivered is the convenience plus the fact that I save on gas to drive to and from the supermarket, I know the food is going to be good for me and my family and I get my box of fresh produce delivered right to my kitchen table!  Now, that’s service!!!  No more having to drive, park the car (my daughter’s car just got a nasty dent in it from some shopper in a supermarket car park who did not bother to leave any details), and navigate my way around the supermarket.  Not to mention that lately my supermarket has been deleting stock from their shelves and when I enquired from customer service personnel as to why stock was disappearing I was told that if it does not sell in a certain period of time then they discontinue it.  Hmm, even more reason to shop online and at the same time support local producers and storekeepers.

Organic food benefits

No more visits to the doctor for avoidable health conditions – I know that is a sweeping statement but, honestly, it stands to reason.  What you put in is what you will get out.  If you keep putting into your body processed food your cells will not have the chance to properly regenerate, nor will they have the chance to die and be despatched from your body – due to the amount of preservatives contained in processed food.  I did an exercise the other day on the level of health enjoyed by our ancestors compared to the dire level of health being experienced among the generations alive on this earth today.  It is appalling and we need to spend some time researching and finding out just what the additives and food chemicals we are ignorantly consuming is doing to our wellbeing.  No-one cares about you more than you so it is up to you to take time out and research the diet you are currently consuming to ensure it meets your current and future health needs.  The health benefits of organic food cannot be emphasised enough.  The exciting part about that is you can change your health level today just by converting to consuming organic food and products.  As a famous hair shampoo used to say……it won’t happen overnight but it will happen!

Another health benefit of organic food is weight control.  The reason weight is easier to control is because food is more satisfying and as it nourishes our bodies naturally our body’s natural reaction to retain excess fat due to poor food nutrition is no longer activated.  I have not gained back any weight that I lost when converting to organic food and I think the reason is that my body is satisfied and knows that the food I and my family are consuming now is good for it.

There are numerous benefits in consuming organic food so what are you waiting for?

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    The ‘organic’ consciousness is increasing in the world. Even today more and more online buyers are often looking for organic choices especially for this reason, but it can not only stop food and food at home.

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