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When I first discovered organic food, it was like a wonderful journey back in time – back to a place where it didn’t really matter if you washed fruit and veges because all you’d be getting is just a bit of bacteria from some left over dirt. Real dirt – not full of pesticides and commercial soil treatments.

I remember the feeling of tasting a smoothie made from organic banana, honey, egg and raw milk.

Heavenly is a wonderful word to describe it. It was amazing and it became the turnaround for my life – I began a journey into discovery, a journey of realisation that my good health lay in what food I was eating.

Can it be that simple? Yes.

So, how about you? Have you had enough of feeling run down, tired, depressed and sick?

Then come and join my world! I took my diet and put it under a magnifying glass to discover seven great ways to recover good health. When you discover that you are in control of your health, you will be amazed at how simple it is to take back the reins. You need to know this revealing information because a lot of it has been hidden from you.

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Follow the seven simple but effective steps Tess learned on her journey back to good health so you can learn from her own experiences and trials what areas you need to focus on, to take back your own good health.

If you truly want to get well and recover your good health then you need to realise that you have to make some changes.

One of the first changes is to stop trusting what you’ve been told and start testing – everything!

Join Tess Hansel and discover what areas of your life you need to focus on. From food to cosmetics to cleaning products, Tess shares her secrets discovered on her journey from illness back to good health.

“I truly know what it feels like to experience ill health, having suffered from several mini strokes and severe hemiplegic migraines – in fact being hospitalized five times in six months and I now know what it feels like to be in good health again.”

Easy to read, ‘Organic Food Heals – Seven Awesome Ways to Good Health Naturally’ provides a great opportunity to get informed, get empowered and get well.


Take Back Your Bladder Control

This 70 page eBook covers all you need to know about regaining your control over your bladder. Stress and urge incontinence is an issue once thought to be incurable. Not any more!. Since the discovery of the Dry Swan Bladder Exercise and a simple and efficient dietary revision you can learn for yourself how you can too.