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Hi there, my name is Tess Hansel and it’s lovely to meet you! 🙂

Tess Hansel
Tess Hansel

Through a long, tough menopause patch in my life I have discovered how to become healthy through replacing regular commercial food with beautiful life-giving organic food and products.

After spending decades of my life working in various pursuits, predominantly office work, I’m now helping other menopausal women to make better lifestyle choices, resulting in improved health and wellbeing.

I’ve unofficially coached many women back from the brink of divorce and illness to a thriving relationship, through sharing the basics of managing menopause to not only survive but thrive!

I’m 62 and have been married to my wonderful husband Bob for 38 years. It hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine but we’re enjoying a fantastic journey while on this earth.

I’m passionate about sharing the truth about food – and that is, that organic food heals.

The reason organic and natural, wholesome food is healing is because consuming good food produces healthy cells.

Did you get that…?

When you start choosing wholesome, natural food and products, you begin growing healthier cells, improving your immunity and making informed choices about your future health.

And that’s important – because your health decisions dictate your future, every time you put something into or onto your body.

That revelation is a gem and good health really is priceless.

I came to the revelation, and I hope you do too, that I would rather pay more for organic food and products than one day be sitting in a specialist office (having paid a premium for the appointment) to be told the ‘bad news.’ To me, the opportunity for my and your good health starts today as everyday we make choices towards our future health.

We either invest personally and financially in our health now, with great food and other organic products, or potentially spend a fortune in the future trying to fix the problems that have been caused by chemically laced foods and products.

It’s that simple and quite frankly took me months to finally accept the fact that I had to drastically change my food and lifestyle or be faced with a life-long dependence on anti-depressant drugs, blood pressure drugs, strong pain relievers and a very restricted lifestyle.

Thank God I chose to go organic and the rest is history!

No more specialist appointments, no more overweight, no more blood pressure issues, no more tossing and turning trying to sleep, no more feeling like I had no control over my life and letting others paint my future picture. As I write this it brings so much clarity to me as to where I have been and I hope you can see that there is a way out of your present ill health.

I’m really happy you stopped by and look forward to helping you reach your health goals and ambitions.

If you’re struggling right now, just know this – there is a way through your current circumstances and the first step is making informed choices to take back control of your health.

I’m passionate about helping you to help yourself and say goodbye to a chemically-laced diet, grow an awareness of what you’re putting into and onto your body and encouraging you every step of the way.

To your good health!


Founder of organicfoodheals.com

email. tess.organicfoodheals@aapt.net.au

eBook – Organic Food Heals – Seven Awesome Ways to Good Health Naturally

eCourse – achieve better bladder control naturally

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