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Your Journey to Good Health starts now

Does this sound like you…..”I feel miserable…..I’m so fed up with this world and all its problems……I just want to roll over and go back to sleep…….It can’t be time to get up……I can’t face another day at work……”  That used to be me and I know what it feels like to just want to stop the world and get off!!  Seeing a round of doctors and specialists, visits to the hospital, x-rays, CT scans, blood tests – yes I know what that’s like, very miserable and depressing, especially if you are holding down a full-time job as well as looking after your partner, family, friends, pets and home. So, first and foremost, big welcome and hug to you!  I just want to say you are doing an amazing job by researching right now and let you know that there is a way back to good health.  It will take time, effort, minor financial investment in You (this is all about you from here on) and when you begin to feel better you will be able to make realistic choices about your workload and your commitments.

Really this is about burning the candle at one end again and hanging up the ‘Wonder Woman’ outfit!  Seriously! canstockphoto4993443I understand the pressures of being unwell, like everything is out of control (sometimes real, sometimes imagined) because that’s how I used to feel and I want you to know that I really do care about you and what you are going through.  From my experience, research and ongoing sampling of products and foods I believe I can help you wake up to life again!  Here’s the thing…the food you are consuming, as well as other products you are using on your body, may be greatly affecting your state of wellness and could be a big part of why you are feeling ill and not coping with what used to be run-of-the-mill decisions and tasks. It’s so good that you’re spending time with me today because I believe that through my experiences and growing understanding of organic foods and organic products you will see there is a way through your present circumstances and there is a brighter place and healthier life ahead.

Organic foods do far more than just taste great – they actually build healthy cells within your body and healthy cells build a strong immune system. The results can be amazing, as I have discovered, with immediate benefits on our health. I have been researching diets and lifestyle for years. My husband and I were once Pritikin diet followers for a couple of years before we became a family of four – how we did that with no sugar, salt or fat is quite a mystery to me now. I know we were so fit and healthy but looking back think the diet was too restrictive and we must have been very boring company! Then our precious family started and once I was pregnant that was it – I craved beef pies with mashed potato, icecream and cake and ate whatever I felt like and, although I didn’t put on too much weight, my husband and I had begun a downward slide into compromised health through convenience and processed foods, especially as we were working long hours in our own business. Not only were the vegetables and fruit we were consuming tainted with chemicals, we were blissfully unaware of the struggle our bodies were suffering.

Thank God, through my major health scare, we have now discovered natural organic food and are enjoying vastly improved health as a result. It’s understandable if you’re rather depressed about your health at the moment but just know you are not alone, you will get through it.   I am living proof that health is greatly improved through switching to organic foods and I know I can help you on your journey to wellness. I was getting through life OK I thought until I suffered a series of hemiplegic migraines resulting in paralysis (everyone at work thought I was having a stroke) and all the other side effects. Horrible things they are and quite debilitating for months afterwards, especially tough when you are working and trying to carry on as usual when people still have the memory of you collapsed on your desk and not being able to speak!  I think it takes something drastic in your life to stop you in your tracks and start to assess your options, that’s what happened with me and perhaps something similar has happened in your life recently otherwise you wouldn’t be here with me now. In my case my brain was under severe attack and that is pretty much the point where everything else fades into the background as without a healthy brain we are extremely compromised.

So, that was the point in my life when I realised that something had to change and I began investigating why my brain was behaving the way it had. It never dawned on me for one minute that my diet, and unwitting consumption of chemically-laced foods, may be the major cause.  Certainly removing the chemicals and poisons from my diet has resulted in total relief from the migraines which were plaguing me on a daily basis.  Long story short – I went from five stays in hospital in a six month period, one of which I got stuck in a stroke recovery ward for a week on medication that has a side effect of causing severe headaches, to no migraines at all.  I also sleep well, eat well and have lost 8kg in weight over the last nine months of switching to organic food without trying one bit. I have come to deeply value the precious gift of good health and I look forward to helping you regain yours.  Check out my blueprint – 7 Awesome Ways To Good Health! and take some time now to assess your current lifestyle.

This could be the breakthrough in your health that you have been looking for.  As you read it, I believe you will see an area where you can immediately take action and make a change to one part of your lifestyle.  There is more to regaining health than just changing to organic foods – although, in my experience, this is the most important first step.  It really is an ongoing hug for your body and the health rewards are huge, not only for you but also for those sharing your life who will also benefit from the change to organic food, the taste is just the beginning! I hope you join me on this journey to good health.  It really is very doable to change from buying regular commercially prepared food to shopping at an organic food store, or organic section of your supermarket, and enjoying natural organic food (free of herbicides and pesticides) – especially as you know it is doing you good.  In fact I get my organic food delivered for just $7.00 a delivery.

If you like gardening you can also grow your own – I have been sprouting trees from seeds which is quite exciting and have also been spending quite a bit of time weeding which has been very therapeutic plus getting me out in the fresh air and sunshine. I’m starting a website on weeding next as I have had so much fun discovering weeding tools and techniques. For now though, this is all about getting you back to good health through consuming organic foods and products – simply fill in your details in the opt-in form and you will have instant access to my blueprint – 7  Awesome Ways To  Good Health!

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