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Once Upon A Time

When was the last time you re-read a book from your childhood?

Once upon a time…

The reason I ask is because I used to love reading stories to my little brother when I was a child.

I remember sitting there (like the characters Julie Andrews used to play) and reading the stories with as much character and personality as I could muster.

It was fun and I’m very grateful to my little brother for putting up with me – as I’m sure all he wanted to do was roll over and go to sleep!

Still, those early days of putting a spin into those characters in books and breathing life into them, has stayed with me and I used to love to read to our daughters, when they were little too.

You probably have memories of reading a favourite book too – what was yours? Perhaps you’re of the same era as me and enjoyed the thrill of opening a new book after walking home from the library – full of anticipation as to how your Famous Five or Secret Seven would once again defeat the villains in the book!

You’re probably busy and doing so many things for others but therein lies a caution – take some time for you and lower those stress levels!

My daughter and I had a wonderful time wandering on our way through the book called Heidi and I would read a chapter a day. It was a very special time that I treasure, a time before my daughter became aware of the world, catty friends at school, different personalities of teachers and all the pressures that come with growing up.

And I can remember the excitement of that time together as my daughter experienced that classic for the first time and I relived the story again, having read it in my youth.

Heidi is the story of a little girl, an orphan, who is delivered to her grandfather as her Auntie (her own mother has passed away) can no longer care for her, so Heidi ends up arriving on her grandfather’s door step and that in itself if a real jump start to the story. Her grandfather is seen by local villagers as a hermit, who lives right up on the side of a mountain peak in the Swiss Alps.

From the moment Heidi arrives at her grandfather’s (in fact on the climb up the mountain) she tosses off her city clothes and embraces the country lifestyle. She becomes a child raised in the country on wholesome wholefood and fresh air and sunshine, chasing the goats up the mountainside!

Of course, the idyllic lifestyle she’s enjoying is flung on its head as the story progresses but I’m not telling you anymore as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Heidi is a great book and sheds light on a time when the vast differences between country and city living produced very real results, as they still do today.

You will find yourself swept up in this great yarn and as your imagination creates those beautiful sights and sounds, I pray you experience a look into how your health can improve through simplifying some of your habits.

The good health aspect is woven into this story and I’m not going to tell you anymore as you just may like to take a little time for you and read it for yourself.

As I read the book again, I realised that the seed of my faith may very well have been quietly planted during the reading of that book.

I shed a tear or two I can tell you and am not quite sure why – perhaps it’s that I can relate to being very unwell and then to enjoying good health again, and relate to the trials and tribulations we all go through at varying degrees and at different times of our lives.

I can understand though, now more than ever before, why I loved the book so much!

It’s a tale of victory really, where good food and wholesome living triumphs over evil!

So, that book of Heidi really impacted me as a little girl and again as I read it day by day with my own daughter.

It was special and, perhaps intended by the writer, to give a road map to good health.

Of course with good health comes happiness – but you knew that didn’t you?!

Is it any wonder then that, all these years later, I would find myself living a Heidi lifestyle, albeit without the mountains and goats!

Still, having discovered the amazing and endless benefits of organic fruit and vegetables, eggs, raw milk and other organic foods, I do feel a bit like the characters in the book and, although I’m not climbing up mountains, I can get out in the horse paddock with fresh air and sunshine and enjoy my life to the fullest – all thanks to organic food.

Why is that amazing you may ask…?

Well, just a short number of years ago I was ill – very ill, suffering recurring hemiplegic migraines. When your health affects your brain, it’s time to make some changes.

Now I live an amazing story of wonderful goodness and health.

A journey of good health every day.

I’m no saint though – and there are times when I slip back into bad habits, like Christmas and the festive foods that we’re all recovering from.

Not a lot of festive fare, but enough to feel the difference around my waistline and energy level.

So, I’m more convinced today than ever that organic food heals and I hope you will take some time to assess your diet, your health, stress levels and commitments (both personal and professional) and make just one change a week.

Just one change will see your energy levels improving – eg cut out margarine and switch to real, creamy, delicious butter.

Do that for a week and see how you feel.

Then the following week, make another change.

The exciting part about getting well is that once you experience your health improving, it’s really not hard to make the next change and the next.

One day at a time.

I highly recommend if you’re struggling with your health, or you just feel like a lovely read – take some time for you and go and read the book, create your own mountain vista in your imagination and enjoy an old classic that will take you not only off the beaten track, but share a refreshing visit into the simple journey of health.

PS: I re-read the story over the past couple of days (Heidi by Johanna Spiri) and am now day dreaming about alpine meadows, bright blue skies, fluffy white clouds, wild flowers and good, wholesome organic food!

PPS: It really is a journey into another time, another place, another world and I’m so glad that I took the time to visit there to catch up on some old friends.

You will be too. 🙂



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