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The Beauty of Rest

Do you know what real rest is? I’m not talking about rest in sleep because that is only one type of rest. Sleep is important to our overall health and something we need to take care of, that’s for sure.

The rest that I am talking about though is the rest that comes when we are still, when we are no longer worrying about what is happening around us. The rest that comes when we stop for just a few minutes and just be.

I had an opportunity to share with my daughter recently about the beauty of living in the now and even though it is good to plan for the future it is also good to just enjoy where we are right now. Life is a fleeting thing and we need to grab it and savour it – rest in it, now.

To rest in the present I guess you could say. So, why rest in the present – aren’t there so many things to do, to occupy our time and energy and to check out our ‘to do’ list? Of course, but in the scheme of things, how important are they really?

What if you thought today was the last day you would ever have on this earth? Think about that for a minute, your last day – wouldn’t you want to savour every minute of it, wrap your arms around your family and hold them? Wouldn’t you want to walk outside and breathe the air so deeply that your lungs would stretch? Wouldn’t you want to experience your favourite food and enjoy all the experiences of being human on this earth? Can you just imagine how quickly your priorities would change?

I went through those emotions after suffering a series of mini strokes resulting from hemiplegic migraines. When a medical professional suggests you go home and get your affairs in order, life takes on a different hue. Suddenly all the time in the world you think you have is at risk, it was as though someone was trying to steal from me. Then I realised that none of us are promised a certain number of days and, regardless of the health issue outcome, where is it written that you and I are promised more than today? So, if today is all we have – then let’s live it fully!

You and I are given a precious gift – every day.

Another day to live – another day to experience the wonders of this earth and take a few minutes to marvel in the little things around us.

Even in chores, there are surprises – like on the weekend when I was hanging out the washing and saw a tiny beautiful flower growing on a weed. The intricate pattern and colour was amazing. Then as I looked around I saw a magnificent Rainbow Lorikeet bird and a Magpie chasing after her chick, which was squarking to be fed.

As I walked back inside after finishing hanging out the washing my husband Bob who had just finished washing the car gave me a big hug and quite honestly I could have stayed in those strong, safe, loving arms forever. Closing my eyes I prayed in my heart, thanking God for such an awesome man. I took my rest in his arms, being present right ‘now’ and that minute felt like an hour. Why? Because I live in the ‘now.’

Stop and smell the roses!

Check out this beautiful Ingrid Bergman  – I was walking back from feeding the horse and it was as though this rosebud had appeared overnight. Such beauty and splendour. I took a photo to show you how beautiful it was and now I have that moment to reflect on and enjoy too. That’s Red, Nicky’s horse, in the background.

Our first Ingrid Bergman Rose - beautiful!
Our first Ingrid Bergman Rose – beautiful!

So, here’s what I want you to do today – take some time out of your busy life and live in the now.  Enjoy your life and rest in the beauty of your time today.

You know that time is our most precious commodity so stop and spend a little of it doing something you don’t have to do. You will be amazed at the benefits your health will enjoy when you stop and smell the roses (now that’s one wise person who wrote that!) and you will break that habit of your mind being so busy all the time.

You may be asking – “How do I stop the roller coaster and take a few minutes for myself to rest in the now?”

Learn how to relax

  • Go for a walk and take in what is around you
  • Look at the small things around you, even a weed has beautiful flowers
  • Stop to take the time to pay someone a compliment at work and show your appreciation for them
  • Spend half an hour just listening to your child speak and watch the wonder in their face as you share life through their understanding – no matter what their age
  • Visit an elderly neighbour or relative and listen to their life stories and store away the pearls of wisdom they share
  • Savour your next meal, no matter what it is and thank God for the farmer or the producer of that food
  • Pick up the phone and talk to a friend you haven’t seen for a while
  • Buy yourself a bag of your favourite lollies and be a kid again!
  • Go for a drive somewhere you haven’t been before and take a picnic basket along
  • Look at old photos and share them with the family – children love to hear about their relatives and see where they came from
  • Thank someone for being part of your life and let them know what they mean to you, point something out that you appreciate
  • Sing your favourite song
  • Do that thing you love to do that you have been putting off because you are too busy

I remember when my daughters were little and they discovered something new. It was just pure joy on their faces as they patted a dog for the first time or sunk their hands into mud, or wobbled off on their new bikes or splashed around on the seashore. We all need to take those moments that are like rainbows, that are full of colour and beauty yet only last for a short while, and savour them. And remember to hold them close to our hearts forever.

So, are you ready for my challenge to you?

I give you permission to discover the beauty of rest!  🙂  And if you have already discovered the gold that is in those precious moments we take for ourselves then please share them with me.

Words of encouragement for a friend – that’s you!

If you haven’t heard this lately, let me remind you that you are doing an awesome job juggling everything in your life. There are so many things that pull us in all sorts of directions. There is more information for our brains to comprehend every day. Just the fact that you keep on keeping on is commendable. So, if you sometimes think that you’re not coping well – join the club. I doubt there is anyone on this earth that feels they are on top of things, regardless of how they may look on their website or in their blogs. Even that person at work who always looks immaculate and is the ‘top of the class’ employee is struggling to cope with life at times.

The reality is life is tough, it really is. We live an existence of constant change (more so than any generation before us). Our lives consist of political instability in the majority of our countries, war and rumours of war, terrorism on a global scale (whether manufactured or genuine doesn’t matter, it still impacts our lives) and an enormous pressure on us to cope without complaint.

This vault of time today is yours – you can keep on doing the same old, same old or you can take those few precious minutes (or longer) just for you – today.

I thought that working from home would see me with so much extra time on my hands but instead I find myself having to stop and take those precious minutes of time to just be. It is easy when working from home to just keep on keeping on, especially building an online business. There is so much to do! If you are working from home too I would love to hear from you – you can email me on and just say Hi and we can compare notes.

In the meantime though – your precious minutes are waiting for you. There are lots of ways to relax and live in the now.

Are you up for the challenge?   🙂

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